There’s never been a time in the history of world in which it has been easier to know what other people are doing. Technology has created a means for information to travel at rapid speeds. Before the ink can dry on press releases, the same information has already been disseminated via social media and websites. However, what I’ve noticed is that this phenomenon has created a lot more comparison than curiosity.

The mindsets of comparison and curiosity couldn’t be any more different. Long ago, Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” He was right. When we compare ourselves to others, we assume so much. We tend to think negatively about ourselves and we esteem others in ways that may or may not be real. We also tend to look toward the future with a general sense of skepticism and lack of belief.

In contrast to comparison, a mindset of curiosity doesn’t jump to conclusions about us or them. It embraces a healthy respect for the accomplishments of others and asks objective and purposeful questions about what might be driving the success? Curiosity helps us focus on ourselves with a genuine desire to get better and move in the direction of our goals. Curiosity creates an energy within and can work to our advantage if we let it. So where are you? Are you comparing yourself to others or looking out with a mindset of curiosity?