When we think about mental toughness, we often do so in the context of adversity and challenges. There’s no doubt that mental toughness is a key ingredient involved in what it takes to overcome difficult times. When things get tough, life has it’s way of grabbing our full attention and narrowing our focus as we do our best to manage the moment to the best of our ability.

One factor that often doesn’t get enough attention is the fact that mental toughness is crucially important when life isn’t as tumultuous. In other words, when things feel mundane and repetitive, how do you handle it? Do your habits suffer? Does your mentality become stagnant and unfocused? If adversity demands our best and heightens our urgency, what does normalcy do?

What does it take to stay sharp and hungry during these seemingly “normal” times? People who do this well possess high levels of mental toughness. They know how to push themselves and execute high level behaviors, regardless of circumstance. They achieve this by embracing a mentality that focuses on their intrinsic, personal standards in order to attain a competitive advantage. When the next difficult thing comes around the corner, they are already doing what’s needed to prevail.